Thursday, October 4, 2007

Madam & Eve: Mysteries of the Unexplained

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So does the mysterious Jackie Selebi Arrest Warrant actually exist? Or is it all just a whacky conspiracy theory? Maybe it's hidden on a grassy knoll somewhere? We tried to get comment from Bigfoot, but he wasn't taking calls. We left a message.

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1 comment:

A 2 Z said...

Hi Stephen,

I lived in SA in the 90's and returned to Montreal in 2000. Almost went back last summer but with kids being older and crime situation in Joburg I stayed behind while better half went. Always been a big fan of yours and was happy to see I could access your cartoons via internet. I was looking for your bio and forgive me if I am mistaken but I imagined you being an American married to SA'n. I remember the cultural shock I experienced when I first moved to SA. I rented a house that came with a maid that lived in a tool shed. I was told I had to keep her because this woman would be out of a job and was desperate. I did not have a clue on how to handle a SA'n maid and had also many tribulations with her, some good, some bad. I could relate to your humour figuring you were also seeing this part of the world thru North American eyes. It made me feel I was not the only one mystified by the strange working relationship. Thanks for the years of laughter!

Former madam and master