Friday, October 26, 2007

California Fires Celebrity Evacuations

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whatever said...

I've laughed with Madam and Eve for years. Good to see a blog, and I hope you find the increased interaction with readers useful and enjoyable.

Good also to see you have now updated the M+E archive search to support 2007 - even though the year is almost over. In previous years I've tried emailing you about the archive and to get the supported year updated, but never seemed to reach a human or got a response.

Given problems with using your archive (like this blog, it shrinks cartoons so that the text is just too small to read, and requires multiple clicks, long loads across the planet, and resizing of popups to view a single cartoon readably), I wrote my own simple archive access tool:

which made reading Madam and Eve a lot easier and more fun for me - especially the 'random cartoon' feature. More laughs per minute, which is always a good thing. (The code is under 70 lines of perl.) Enjoy!